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For all kind of inquiries please use one of the following contact possibilities: 

Tel.:     E-Mail:     Telegram : Sacranat 

To register for one of the proposed dates please transfer half of the respective amount:

Martin Gansinger  RIB: 14690 00001 55000645161 12  IBAN: FR76 1469 0000 0155 0006 4516 112


1-day seminar

Upcoming dates:

June 9 2024, Castelnaudary

June 30 2024, Vienna / Austria

Fee : 90 euros


2-day seminar

Upcoming dates:

July 6/7, Klagenfurt / Austria

Fee : 180 euros 


4-day seminar






 German                  English


Fee: 490 Euro. 

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Think religion differently 



This gathering aims to provide an initiation into a physiological reading of the sacred scriptures and spiritual traditions, based on the process of inner circulation and and the endocrine system. 










Based on the work of George W. Carey and the teachings of Taoist master Mantak Chia, the consistent references in monotheism and beyond are being explored. Numerous examples allow to illustrate the interrelation between spirituality, sexuality and the conscious transformation of sexual energy for the purpose of physical regeneration and spiritual development. 
















The importance of the connection between the sacral plexus and the brain is illustrated by the approach proposed in cranio-sacral therapy as used in osteopathy. Medical studies suggest a link between the insufficiency of sexual hormones in the brain and Alzheimer, for instance. 


The key informations shared during the seminar bear the potential of an ongoing transformative process, allowing for an extension of the historical and ethical perspective attributed to religious artifacts and sources. Participants are guided towards a profound and personal integration of universal sacred principles. 


















In order to reach a deeper understanding of the matter via the physiological experience of the studied processes, practice-oriented modules are being proposed the following day. 
















Martin A. M. Gansinger transmits the stimulation of the internal circulation via the activation of the fascias. Participants learn gentle and harmonizing manual techniques based on the principles of homomorphy, Iatromathematics and the proportions of the body derived from the golden ratio. The approach proposed as Sacranat is inspired by the work of Tom Bisio and Olivier Barré, who combined approaches of traditional Chinese medicine and osteopathy. The technique provides an efficient tool for therapists as well as for self-application. 





















The initiation to the Free Instinctive Flow proposed by Johanna Dusapin presents a natural approach to the feminine cycle.


The development of increased sensitivity in the pelvic region, leading towards a profound re-connection with one's self, is facilitated by an easy to grasp, holistic understanding of the key phase of the feminine cycle: the conscious utilization of the "lunar days" as a portal towards inner wisdom and intuition can lead towards the direct experience of re-discovered sovereignty.





















The participation to the module includes the option of a follow-up after the integration of the taught principles and its practice during several cycles.  Additionally, individual, personalized consultations considering therapeutic aspects allow for a deeper exploration of the topics discussed the previous day, specifically from a feminine perspective.  

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“Whoever the writer [of the Gospel of Matthew] may have been, it is évident he received his education at the college at Alexandria, where Medicine and Divinity were taught, and regarded inseparable.”

GEORGE REBER, Therapeutae. St. John Never in Asia Minor (1872)




Martin obtained a doctorate from the University of Vienna in 2009 and performs research at the nexus of communication, philosophy, religion, and physiology. Next to his academic activities he works as a certified Taoist health practitoner, using  Chi Nei Tsang, Tok Sen and Tuina de l’eau  (


Johanna Dusapin has a background in paramedical and medico-social professions studied traditional Chinese medicine, and worked as an acupuncturist before turning towards Informational Therapy. Next to the latter approach, she bases her consultations on the teachings of the Essene tradition.


  • January 27-28, Coeurdonnerie, 4 Rue de la Cordonnerie, 11260 Campagne sur Aude

  • February 24-25, Institut Hara, Vienna, Austria

  • March 2-3, SuperActive, Klagenfurt, Austria​

  • Small-group seminars in South France and online introductions upon request




+33 (0)767 03 37 26


4 Rue de la Cordonnerie

11260 Campagne sur Aude



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